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HCG Diet Reviews

As the percentage of overweight Americans continues to rise, it is no surprise that people are willing to consider extreme measures in order to help them find the best way to lose weight fast, and keep the weight off.  One such extreme method is the HCG diet, a diet plan which purports to allow people to rapidly shed pounds by combing a low calorie meal plan with daily doses of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), which may be taken orally or injected.  However, there is significant medical research that questions the effectiveness of the diet.

HCG Diet Reviews

The following is a synopsis of HCG diet reviews from a variety of sources.

The Mayo Clinic

According to The Mayo Clinic, a leading not-for-profit medical center and research center in the United States, the HCG diet does not work and is not safe.  While it is true that a diet that allows a caloric intake of 500-800 calories per day will result in short-term weight loss, this would be true regardless of whether people injected the HCG hormone or not.  Additionally, The Mayo Clinic asserts that the diet is not safe, as people who consume that few calories per day risk HCG diet dangers and put themselves at risk of gallbladder stones, irregular heartbeat, and electrolyte imbalance that keeps nerves and muscles from functioning properly.

Web Md

A top online resource for health and wellness, Web Md does not support the HCG diet and notes that the diet restrictions make it impossible for a person to get all of his or her nutritional needs met, leading to vitamin and nutritional deficiencies as well as other HCG diet dangers.

ABC News

A report from ABC News investigating the HCG diet deferred to Dr. David Katz of Yale University Department of Prevention and Research, who finds the diet “appalling.”  He noted that a diet that restrictive may cause one’s body to scavenge itself because there is not sufficient amounts of food being ingested.  He referred to the HCG itself as “an expensive placebo effect.”

Additionally, the report noted that Hardvard Medical School’s Dr. Pieter Cohen said that HCG injections do not make starving oneself any safer.


The United States Food and Drug Administration has not approved HCG for weight loss purposes.  The agency requires all HCG products to carry a warning label that specifically warns consumers little evidence exists to support theoryies that it “increases weight loss…causes a more attractive or normal distribution of fat, or that it decreases hunger associated with calorie-restricted diets.”

A website called, which consists of reviews of dietary supplements, conducted a significant review of research pertaining to HCG.  Their analysis reviewed eight studies that reported on HCG effectivness.  Most of the studies were double-blind, meaning that one group received the injections and one group received a placebo, and that participants were not told which they received.  All but one of the cited studies showed no medical evidence indicating a difference in the rates of effectiveness between dieters who had received real HCG and those who did not.  The one study that found a result in favor of HCG was conducted by a doctor who routinely uses HCG therapies in his treatments.  Such evidence may be considered at most thin and reveals a potential conflict of interest that could render the result of the study invalid.

HCG Diet Reviews in Summary

To summarize the HCG diet reviews, it appears that most members of the medical community do not support the use of HCG as a viable method for achieving weight loss. Dr. Michael Kaplan, founder and chief medical officer for The Center for Medical Weight Loss, one of the largest networks of weight loss physicians in the country, is outspoken in his belief that the hormone offers no measurable health benefit or hope for long-term results.

“Individuals wishing to improve their health and quality of life by losing weight and keeping it off, are much better off working with physician led weight loss programs than pursing an unproven, dangerous weight loss plan such as the HCG diet. The risks certainly do not outweigh the benefits,” Dr. Kaplan said.

He adds, “Don’t look to an HCG weight loss program to lose weight. Not only are they expensive and unproven – they are dangerous.” Read more on the truth about HCG weight loss.

Healthier Weight Loss Alternatives

For those who are struggling with their weight, it may be difficult to find a program that fits one’s needs and lifestyle.  The Center for Medical Weight Loss offers a variety of programs tailored to individual needs to help people find the best way to lose weight fast. With 450 centers across the country, the Center for Medical Weight loss provides a safe alternative to diet trends such as the HCG diet.

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