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20 Easy Ways to Burn Calories

Burning Calories the Easy WaySearching for the best way to lose weight without all the work? Here are some surprising tips on easy ways to burn calories that will help you shed extra pounds quickly, without countless hours at the gym. A healthy diet and weight loss go hand-in-hand, but dropping pounds isn’t all about calorie counting and food deprivation. Consider these 20 simple ways to boost your calorie burn and get closer to that lean physique you’ve been yearning for.

Easy ways to burn calories

Studies show that trading sedentary habits, such as watching TV, for those which require even the tiniest bit of effort can yield amazing results when it comes to burning calories. Believe it or not, even regular daily activities, from brushing your teeth or vacuuming the house can burn hundreds of unexpected calories. Health experts have revealed some simple weight loss tips that can help you destroy fat, boost your metabolism and slim down fast.

  1. Drink green tea or coffee: studies show that both help you burn extra calories
  2. Take Vitamin D: 2,000 mg daily can help speed up weight loss
  3. Get your ZZZs: Experts recommend 7 to 9 hours to boost metabolism
  4. Enjoy a good laugh: 10 minutes of laughter can burn up to 50 calories
  5. Pucker up: calorie burning can be fun when kissing is in the equation
  6. Eat breakfast: Speeds your metabolism and starts burning fat
  7. Spice up your meal with hot peppers that increase your total calorie burn
  8. Go shopping: a trip to the grocery store can burn 100 calories
  9. Drink more water: speeds metabolism by up to 30 percent
  10. Chew gum:  this small calorie burner keeps you from mindless snacking
  11. Don’t slouch: good posture strengthens your abs and core muscles
  12. Simple chores: a 30-minute dusting session can burn up to 80 calories
  13. Eat more dairy: research shows that low-fat dairy inhibits fat storage
  14. Walk n’ talk: take a stroll when you’re chatting on the phone
  15. Pick up the pace: increase your stride and walk as if your late for a meeting
  16. Add more protein to your meals, it takes more energy to digest
  17. Take the stairs not the escalator or elevator
  18. Snack more often: frequent, small meals will speed up metabolism
  19. Go gardening: planting flowers, digging and mowing are all great calorie burners
  20. Fidget more: any type of little movement expends energy

Best way to burn calories

Research shows that carrying extra pounds puts us at greater risk for health complications like Type 2 diabetes, increased insulin levels, high blood pressure, heart disease and other issues. With our hectic lifestyles, many find it difficult to allot time for staying fit, yet sedentary habits and overeating are a lethal combination when it comes to weight loss. For those who want the fast track to a trimmer waistline, adding strength training to your exercise regime can really help. In fact, lean muscle is 12 times more effective at burning calories, and for every pound of muscle gained you burn an additional 50 calories per day!

Physician-guided programs can help

If you’re serious about losing weight and getting healthy but need some extra support, the most reliable method is through a physician-supervised program such as the ones offered by The Center for Medical Weight Loss. The key to long-term weight loss success is a diet program that encourages sustainability. At the Center, clients are provided with a customized plan that takes into account a person’s metabolism, medical history, exercise and dietary preferences, which helps ensure lifelong results.

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