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Popular Diets

With so many popular diets on the market today, figuring out which one will ultimately be the best way to lose weight can be difficult.  Some diets, like the HCG diet plan and similar fad diets, produce dramatic results in record time. However, when the plan is over, dieters tend to quickly put the weight back on. Fortunately, their are many diets that work and that may lead to long-lasting weight loss results. Have a look at some of the most popular diets people all over the country are using to lose weight.

Atkins diet

The Atkins diet, developed by Dr. Robert Atkins, focuses on controlling the body’s insulin levels through lower consumption of carbohydrates and a higher intake of protein. The theory is that by avoiding carbohydrates, the body will burn more fat as fuel. Though this diet helps dieters drop pounds initially, medical experts are divided on the issue of whether it produces consistent weight loss success stories, as many have reported regaining the weight once they stop eating according to the program.

The Biggest Loser diet

Based on the popular TV show, this diet follows a consistent daily menu of four servings of fruits and vegetables;  three servings of lean protein; two servings of whole grains; and one a single extra serving from any category that dieter wants. The plan boasts an extremely low calorie count and emphasizes plenty of physical exercise for maximum results in a relatively short amount of time. Dieters also maintain a very strict exercise regimen, clocking in over 2 hours of physical activity every single day. The program offers on-line support and participants reportedly lose approximately 2 pounds each week.  The success of the television show has attracted millions to test the program for themselves. Read more about the biggest loser diet.

Flat belly diet

Blast away that spare tire and melt your muffin top with the flat belly diet in just 32 days! Or so the creators claim. This popular diet promises to flatten your stomach by incorporating heart-healthy foods that conquer bloating and keep you feeling full throughout the day. The key to the flat belly diet are monounsaturated fatty acids, also known as MUFAs, which are included at every meal. You can find these “good” fats in foods like nuts, seeds, avocados, salmon, dark chocolate and olive oil. At the core of the diet is a 1,600-calorie daily intake combined with a strictly defined serving of MUFAs at every meal.

The Center for Medical Weight Loss diet

The Center for Medical Weight Loss is a physician-directed program. Weight loss specialists with the Center design a customized diet and exercise plan built for the individual. Doctors evaluate your weight loss goals, overall health, and any fitness limitations to create a plan of action that is monitored regularly and updated as you lose weight, clear milestones, and get healthy. According to The American Journal of Medicine, average patients lose 11.1% of their total body weight in only 12 weeks.  Better still, over 95% of their patients maintain the weight loss for over a year!

Eat more, weigh less

A diet originally designed by Dr. Dean Ornish to reduce the risk of heart disease, this popular diet program has been modified slightly to promote more effective weight loss. The program provides a list of foods including legumes, fruits, and vegtables that can be eaten as often as the dieter feels hungry.  He prescribes certain foods to be eaten in moderation.  Nonfat dairy products and other non-fat and low-fat products such as low-fat frozen dinners and fat-free cakes and cookies are all foods to be consumed in limited quantities.  A third list of selections should be avoided completely:  meat, nuts, oils, sugar and alcohol are all found on the third list.  Though the diet is hard for many to stick to due to its limited choices.  However, some experts say that the weight loss is automatic and is a good option for people who have trouble counting calories.

Mediterranean diet

Considered one of the best ways to lose weight from a health perspective today, the Mediterranean diet is based on the local diet of Mediterranean-area residents. The program is rich in plant foods, nuts, whole grains and “good” fats like avocados and olive oil. The program also allows for small amounts of red meat and wine to be consumed regularly.

Weight Watchers diet

Still one of the best-known and most popular diets today, this program is based on calorie reduction, combined with ongoing support and daily exercise. The plan has evolved somewhat, including a Weight Watchers online component, and eliminating calorie counting in favor of a point system that helps dieters consume the right balance of food for maximum weight loss results. This program offers more gradual weight loss with long-term results.

Zone diet

This diet program, which was developed by Barry Sears, PhD., focuses on revamping the metabolism for best weight loss results. The diet consists of a menu that is 30 percent protein, 30 percent fats and 40 percent carbs. The diet is not concerned about how many calories dieters consume – as long as they are the right ones. Although the diet is relatively easy to follow, it has received mixed reviews from nutritionists, doctors and dieticians.

Talk to a doctor about popular diets

Whatever diet plan you ultimately choose, commitment and consistency is often the key behind the best way to lose weight.  Having someone on your side to instill and reinforce these healthy habits can be an invaluable tool.  Losing weight with the help of your doctor can help you learn these tricks and hold you accountable, and that is why more people are choosing physician-assisted weight loss every day.

The Center for Medical Weight Loss is one of the largest networks of weight loss specialists in the country. With over 450 Centers nationwide, there may be a location near you. Introductory offers are available at most locations, so call today and learn your best way to lose weight.

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