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Green Bean Coffee Extract Diet

Green coffee bean extract, cleanses, severe calorie restriction – what are the diets that work and which ones are total bunk? It can be difficult to tell, as there always seems to be one study or another to prove that fill in the blank is the best diet to lose weight today, right now, with zero effort required.

But the truth remains that fad diets rarely deliver all they claim. The best diet is one that involves long-term lifestyle changes including good nutrition and physical activity. A physician-guided plan, such as those available through The Center for Medical Weight Loss, can help you create a customized diet and exercise routine to shed pounds, get healthy, and keep the weight off for good.

Does the green coffee bean extract diet work?

It’s debatable. One 2012 study made a big splash in the diet world when dieters lost 18 pounds over a 22-week period. But the study was funded by a company that manufactures green coffee bean extract, and the study size (just 16 participants) was so small that it cannot be called a proper control group. Other studies have demonstrated more moderate weight loss – usually a few pounds over placebo dieters – but some researchers have deemed those results to be negligible.

Are there any health risks to the green coffee bean extract diet?

For the most part, no. However, green coffee beans contain high levels of chlorogenic acid, a polyphenol antioxidant. Scientists believe that this powerful antioxidant is likely responsible for any weight loss qualities, as it can reduce fat and glucose absorption. If this is true, then higher dosages of green coffee bean extract will net more pounds lost – but also possible health consequences. Chlorogenic acid increases levels of an amino acid known as homocysteine, and high homocysteine levels are associated with an elevated risk of heart disease.

Can you recommend diets that work?

The age-old combination of diet and exercise is time-tested and patient-proven. The key today is figuring out a healthy eating plan and exercise routine that works for you. This is where a physician-guided diet comes into play. The professionals at The Center for Medical Weight Loss are experts in nutrition science, and can help you create a plan that is completely customized to your lifestyle.

So if you can’t give up bread or don’t want to add artificial sweeteners to your diet, your physician weight loss guide might recommend healthy whole grains or methods to moderate your sugar intake. And of course, diets that work go hand-in-hand with physical activity, so you’ll be encouraged to get some exercise everyday – from taking the stairs to going all-out in an ultimate Frisbee match.

For more information on the best diet to lose weight – personalized for your lifestyle – contact the Center for Medical Weight Loss today. Start by inputting your zip code into the box at top right to find the Center nearest you. Special offers are available for first-time visitors in select locations.