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The Truth About Raspberry Ketones

Ava Lawson | March 21st, 2013

Raspberry Ketones ReviewsRaspberry ketones are the latest craze to sweep the dieting world, thanks to Dr. Oz, who seems to have the Oprah effect when it comes to mentioning a new product on his popular TV show. Since the natural weight loss supplements were featured on his national program, raspberry ketone diet pills have been flying off the shelves in record numbers. This frenzy has sparked many respected nutritionists and physicians to speak out against the diet pill, calling it nothing more than “TV hype.”

The real question is – do raspberry ketones do all that they claim? Can the supplements help dieters boost their metabolism and melt away the pounds while still enjoying fast foods and unrestricted meal plans? The resounding answer among the medical community is: keep dreaming. The safest and most effective approach to real weight loss results are achieved through a balanced diet, daily exercise, and drinking plenty of water.

What are raspberry ketones?

One of the compounds in raspberries that give them their distinct and alluring smell, raspberry ketones are a powerful antioxidant which help stimulate the release of norepinephrine, a hormone that can help break fat cells down. According to the Dr. Oz program, the recommended dosage is 100mg for breakfast followed by 200mg at lunch. While the pills are touted as “natural,” the truth is that most companies manufacture synthetic raspberry ketones when formulating these diet pills.

Science behind the raspberry ketone diet

The handful of medical studies reviewing the effects of raspberry ketones are limited to animals, and there is no way to ascertain whether the same weight loss results can be inferred on humans. In research conducted on mice, the animals which were given the ketones showed a reduction of fatty tissue, particularly in the liver, as well as an increased metabolism and ability to burn fat. The scientists attributed this fat-burning effect to the production of norepinephrine. While the fat-busting properties of this compound may have been proven in mice, will it work in people? While Dr. Oz claimed the raspberry ketone diet was a miracle in a bottle, he also cautioned that they should be paired with a healthy lifestyle.

Raspberry ketone side effects unknown

The FDA is regularly issuing public safety warnings regarding the health risks posed by various “natural” and “herbal” weight loss products, which do not require rigorous pre-market testing to land on store shelves. Since raspberry ketones are not subject to FDA-approval, their long-term side effects are unknown. Medical experts caution that many weight loss supplements such as raspberry ketone pills have been linked to high blood pressure, abnormal heart rhythm, palpitations, and adverse reactions with prescription medications – especially anticoagulants like Coumadin.

The bottom line: raspberry ketone side effects may not be worth the risk, so why take them and put your health in jeopardy? There is no magic bullet for weight loss, and while raspberry ketones are relatively benign in the world of dangerous fad diets, they may not be a realistic solution for those who want to shed unwanted pounds without the rebound effect of yo-yo dieting.

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