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The Tapeworm Diet: Fact or Fiction?

W.L. Meyers | November 16th, 2012

A radical weight-loss plan called the tapeworm diet is making rounds on the Internet. The diet’s claim: by ingesting a parasitic tapeworm, which feeds off its host, dieters can shed up to two pounds per week.

While it’s likely the parasites can induce weight loss and might therefore be considered by some to be among the diets that work, those who consume them also suffer a host of unpleasant side effects. Diarrhea, stomach cramps and weakness are all common, not to mention the ensuing abdominal bloat. Moreover, tapeworms can have potentially fatal consequences, as infestations can lead to damage in the eyes, liver, spinal cord and brain.

A responsible doctor or dietician would never subject a patient to the risky side effects of the tapeworm diet. A safer solution to weight loss is one that includes healthy eating, exercise and the guidance of trained weight loss professionals. Physician-assisted programs such as those at The Center for Medical Weight Loss lead to permanent results—without the dangerous side effects.

Theory behind the tapeworm diet

After taking a pill that contains live tapeworms, the parasites attach themselves to the digestive track of their live host, where they continuously feed. Dieters can then gorge themselves on any foods they want, as the tapeworm does its job. The problem is, the parasites are also robbing their host of vital nutrients, which  leaves dieters malnourished and extremely fatigued. In more severe cases, some tapeworm species can also cause organ damage, blindness, circulatory problems and other severe complications. Unlike other fad diets that simply promise more than they deliver, this option poses some very serious health risks.

One of the most dangerous fad diets

The tapeworm diet is one of the most hazardous diets to make headlines today. It is illegal in most countries, including the U.S., and carries health risks that far outweigh any benefits. Not only does the parasite leaves its host with vitamin deficiencies, it can travel to other parts of the body with deadly results. In order to rid themselves of the tapeworms (through bowel movements), dieters must take strong antibiotic pills. This may be no easy task, as tapeworms can reach 30 feet in length!

Best way to lose weight safely

For a safer way to shed unwanted pounds, visit the Center for Medical Weight Loss to learn more about their customized weight loss programs. Using their years of experience and nutritional expertise, the Center’s highly-trained staff can show patients the best way to lose weight through portion control, physical activity and lifestyle changes. And unlike quick-fix programs like the HCG diet, their plans encourage lasting results.

According to a published study, more than 95% of patients on the Center’s program maintained their weight loss for one year. With more than 450 locations across the country, it’s easy to get started today. Simply enter your information to the right of the screen to find a Center in your area. Special introductory offers for first-time visitors are available in many locations.