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Dr. Oz: HCG Diet Review

Whitney | November 6th, 2012

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HCG diet dangers have been publicized by medical doctors and the FDA alike, but what does the popular physician Dr. Oz have to say about the HCG diet protocol? Recently on his show, Dr. Oz weighed in on this radical diet that recommends a combination of a severely low daily calorie intake and HCG supplementation to help dieters reach their weight loss goals.

The HCG diet has been a point of contention for doctors since it was first introduced six decades ago. Doctors who specialize in weight loss, such as the physicians on staff at The Center for Medical Weight Loss, have not found this diet to be a feasible alternative for most dieters. In fact, the founder and chief medical officer for the Center, Dr. Michael Kaplan, has stated, “Don’t look to an HCG weight loss program to lose weight. Not only are they expensive and unproven – they’re dangerous.”

Dr. Oz Warns of HCG Diet Dangers

Dr. Oz HCG diet advice follows a similar pattern. Dr. Oz, like other physicians who have examined the HCG diet protocol, is primarily concerned with the low caloric intake of just 500 calories daily. Dr. Oz likens it to a starvation diet and advised his viewers to avoid any diet of less than 1200 calories a day without physician supervision. While this calorie count will lead to weight loss, it is unlikely the majority of dieters will keep that weight off over the long term.

Another concern voiced by Dr. Oz is in regard to the popularity of over-the-counter HCG products. According to the FDA, these products are, at the very least, an “economic fraud.” Dr. Oz agreed that these products, sold in stores and over the Internet, typically contain little – if any – of the actual hormone. Dr. Oz recommends getting HCG supplementation from a physician.

Dr. Oz Talks About the HCG Diet Protocol

Despite his concerns over HCG diet dangers, Dr. Oz did admit that the anecdotal evidence regarding HCG is compelling. However, a dietician and FDA representative on the program both suggested that the effect of HCG on dieters may be a placebo effect at best. The hormone has not been shown in any clinical study to suppress appetite or contribute to weight loss.

Those that heed Dr. Oz HCG advice may decide to look to other options to reach their weight loss goals. One method that has been scientifically proven is a physician-guided weight loss program, such as those offered through The Center for Medical Weight Loss. By evaluating each patient individually and customizing a weight loss program for specific needs, physicians at the center have helped clients lose on average 11.1 percent of their total body weight in the first 12 weeks on the program. Nearly all of those clients — over 95%, according to the American Journal of Medicine — have kept the weight off after one year.

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