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Celebrities Reveal Their Craziest Diet Secrets

Ryan | October 19th, 2012

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For many people, no diet is too crazy or strange to try, as long as it promises to shed pounds quickly. This is even truer for celebrities, who are often under constant pressure to maintain a certain body image. Doctors warn, however, that fad diets and extreme weight loss plans may be hazardous for a person’s health, especially when extreme calorie restriction, such as is required for the HCG diet plan, is a factor. recently reported on some of the kookier diets that various celebrities have admitted to trying — and giving up on. For people looking to shed pounds the healthy way, however, fad diets such as the HCG weight loss program or other detox regimens often do not produce sustainable success. Instead, thousands of people who lose weight successfully have done so by following a physician-supervised program, such as that offered by The Center For Medical Weight Loss.

The doctors at the Center put together specialized diet and exercise plans for each individual, based on his or her needs, goals, and lifestyle. The results speak for themselves: A study published in the American Journal of Medicine reports that the average patient loses 11.1% of their total body weight in just 12 weeks. For someone weighing in at 250 pounds at the start of the program, that’s approximately 28 pounds lost over the 12 week period. The study also showed that over 95% of people kept weight off after one year.

Fad Diets: What Won’t Celebrities Try? recently interviewed several celebrities about the extreme diets they have tried to follow. Here’s what they had to say:

Christina Applegate (currently starring in NBC’s “Up All Night”): “I went on that lemonade-cayenne thing for about 24 hours. By the middle of the next day, I was like, ‘If I don’t have coffee, someone’s gonna die!'”

Holly Robinson Peete (star of the sitcom, “Mike and Molly”): “A mushroom diet where I had to eat different types—porcini, shiitake… I lasted a day or two and that was it!”

Selita Ebanks (supermodel): “I did a three-day cleanse, but lasted for only a day and a half! You have to drink a lot of almond milk, [puréed] kale, and other weird stuff, which was not tasty!”

Petra Nemcova (supermodel): “There was the diet where I ate just carrots, tomatoes, and seafood. It turned my palms yellow because of the vitamin A! People looked at me like, ‘Are you sick? Do you have hepatitis?!'”

Kelly Osbourne (TV personality): “When you’re on a diet and you can’t have carbs, what you crave is the texture of bread or the crispiness of a potato chip. What really helps with that is pickles. It stopped me from eating more!”

Kristin Bauer van Straten (actress, “True Blood”): “Years ago, my nutritionist was trying out this thing where we were wrapped in Ace bandages soaked in some sort of detox-to-make-you-thinner thing, and then put in ponchos. But we had to keep moving, so we walked in a circle while this boom box was playing. I’ve never laughed so hard in my life!”

Malin Akerman (actress, “The Watchmen”): “I tried a juice diet and quit after half a day. I was so cranky!”

How Do You Lose Weight? Try a Physician-Guided Program

While the worst that can be said about some fad diets is that they are ineffective, some may threaten your health. For many people who lose weight successfully, the soultion to hazardous detox programs and HCG diet dangers is an individualized diet and exercise program put together by specially trained weight loss doctors, such as those at The Center For Medical Weight Loss.

With 450 centers across the country, the Center is the largest group of weight loss physicians in the U.S. Enter your zip code in the box above to see if there is a clinic near you. Introductory offers are available at select centers.